EnPower Hackathon

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24hours to use your creativity, design and coding skills to solve real business challenges.

  June 4-5


Join us for a hackathon focused on finding innovative solutions to help thousands of people use energy more efficiently and to improve the products and services delivered to them.

Your product or service has the chance to be adopted by Enel. Enel will also provide promising projects with technical, marketing and sales support.

Submit your application by 27th of May, 23:59.

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About EnPower Hackathon:

You Are...
A student or a professional passionate about programming, marketing, UX design, strategy and/or business development.

Your Mission…
Hack the way meaningful connections with energy customers are created and deliver for them compelling service and product experiences.

You can Join...
Until the 27th of May, 23:59.

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10 proposed concepts will be invited to join the hackathon and will receive:

a 250 eur budget for your project to be used during the hackathon

access to experienced mentors and top-notch education

hands-on feedback and insights from Enel executives

other resources such as cloud credits, hosting - to be announced

Judging criteria: originality, clarity and feasibility of the concept. Selected concepts will be announced on the 30th of May.

Bring your idea to a functional prototype and have the chance to receive further technical, marketing, and sales support from Enel. Do your best and supply Enel with your product or service.

If you did not submit an idea or if your idea was not selected, don’t worry. You will have the chance, if selected, to join other teams.


Adrian Fratean Adrian Fratean
Alexandru Lapusan Alexandru Lapusan
Andrei Ganci Andrei Ganci

Aurelian Sideri Aurelian Sideri
Carlos Luque Larena Carlos Luque Larena
Dragos Nicolaescu Dragos Nicolaescu
Marcela Chiricioaia Marcela Chiricioaia
Maria Diaconu Maria Diaconu
Mihai Mardale Mihai Mardale
Mircea Solomon Mircea Solomon
Radu Amarie Radu Amarie
Radu Popovici Radu Popovici
Radu Stefan Radu Stefan
Robert Ionica Robert Ionica
Simona Trofin Simona Trofin
Sorin Manea Sorin Manea

Your Challenge:

Can you revolutionize power consumption experience?

Gamification / concepts that can be plugged into social media

- how technology can transform the way we deliver better services for our clients through product prototypes:

  designed to better understand the ways customers use energy and appliances today
  making the use of energy and appliances more convenient and efficient, less complicated and stressful and generally more delightful to experience
  focused on driving customer engagement, improve customers’ experience or smooth rough patches in the customer journey

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Application process:

1. Register as an individual or as a team. Each team can have up to 3 members.

2. Submit an idea. Select one of the challenges below and submit a concept addressing it.

If you don’t have an idea, don’t worry - we’ll help you focus on a challenge to tackle or connect you with an existing team

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